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Body & Spirit

This Thread of Life and What I Will Do With It.

Melissa works within a special kind of hive spirit medicine, accessing healing information through the integrity of soil, intricacies of plant systems and maps of the cosmos in individual healing sessions. As a way-shower or ‘One Who Opens Doors’ she assists clients in seeing more clearly who they are and what they desire to become, so that they can step through life’s transitions with grace. Trained in both Chinese and European Shamanic Bee traditions, Apitherapy, and by the denizens of the natural world, Melissa utilizes her grounded mother-bear presence, keen assessorship and a rare brand of homeopathic skills as well as bee venom and hive products in her work.

Some Issues or Opportunities possibly addressed in a healing session:   Spiritual and Physical Malaise, Fear, Thwarted Dreams and Aspirations, Accessing Willpower, Acknowledgement of Type and Lifework, Relationship Transitions, Uniquely Female Concerns, Fatigue,  Calls to Wonderment and Deepening.  Distance work available.

Individual Sessions are $150.00 for  1 1/2 hours and involve both ceremonial work and discussion, and afterward the application and usage of bee products if needed.

Location:  White Salmon, WA or over the phone.

To schedule, make a payment here and Melissa will contact you for an appointment time.


I send you my warmest thanks for your presence and support during our healing ceremony on that fine Swarm Moon Saturday. The work we did that day is revealing it’s magic and its effects continue to unfold daily. My will power has been set free from a ghostly blockage, and I feel strength regenerating in me that has already helped me in challenging situations. During the ceremony I saw a honeybee emerging from the top of my head, I saw the image of a mollusk opening as I felt vibrations in my uterus and ovaries. I released cleansing tears and exhaled deep breaths. We reconnected parts of my body so that I am whole again, and may bring in what I am asking to come.  My dear Melissa, thank you for your healing gifts, your unwavering support, for calling in the Sisters, and for bringing bees first into my spirit, and then, into my garden.- Name kept private.

I’ve had various types of healing done and imagery always accompanies it for me, but it was so clear during our session that you’ve got the ability to send the healing into and through the person in front of you, so that the dis-order in Earth that accompanies the dis-order in the human is getting the healing energy too.  That is not only terribly cool but not something a lot of healers do, I don’t think (whether they can and just don’t follow through or they really don’t know how, I have no idea).  It’s an amazing gift and one that healers need to develop; it’s about so much more than the person in front of you; it’s about what that one human agent represents for all of us and the entity that is our mother.  –Sherri Tyler


There is much to recommend Melissa Elliott.  But as one of her teachers, perhaps to me her most special quality is her understanding of the relationship between commitment and essence.  She thinks hard, chooses well, and then delves utterly–until she becomes the thing she loves.  She understands the sacrifices involved in cultivation, and she sees no other life as possible for herself other than an essential life–a life, that is, which shapes her, body and soul, according to her passionate attention to the natural world and its creatures.

Daniel Villasenor
Founder, MogaDao Yoga: Five Element Yoga and Qigong