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Melissa Bees’ Chemical-Free Hive Honey

Melissa Bees’ Chemical-Free Hive Honey: No miticides, fungicides, no treatment- nada! Just honey, as pure and raw as the bees who made it, imbued with pollen and propolis from the combs. Straight from the hills of White Salmon, WA in the magnificent Columbia River Gorge.

4 oz. Hex Jar $6.00 + shipping and handling

6 oz. Hex Jar $8.00 + shipping and handling

12 oz Hex Jar $18.00 + shipping and handling



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  1. jude says:

    I want to refer people to you –I always find it upsetting
    that a simple email of article (to forward) is never made
    available on many sites ———it sure would increase business.

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