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A Message of Hope From Colombia

Hi everybody my name is Daniel Felipe, I’m from Colombia and i am a farmer , I produce tomatoes and different kind of vegetables, but my principal concern is to transfer knowledge to the future of our planet: children.
I work in a school of my town, and I have the opportunity of being near of children’s from 2 years until sixteen years old.
Well, the first point is what kind of knowledge?
I really believe that bees have our life in them sweetie and beauty hives, because they give to us life example; her life is synonym of hard, work, and cooperation, and they get a big responsibility pollinizing plants for our food, and seeds.
That’s the principal idea that children’s of world need to get; life can be really sweet but we need to work for it.
Secondly but not less important is that we need to keep safe some space for the life of these beauty bees, how? Planting different plants that bees really love to live. in our country we have a lot species (big biodiversity) and we can plant along the year so it’s really nice see flower, bees and smiling faces of innocence’s kids.
The third thing is teach them that food grow from they are setting or sitting, and the most important is to respect that form of life, and show them how importance had the land in our life.
Basically is really easy, they are unruly happy and curious, and the seed in Colombia have been planted; we all for bees !
I <<Heart>>Apis.
Thanks a lot!

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