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HRMS Robotics Team in Hood River, Oregon made it to the state competition this year with a problem-solving project to help the bees.  They’re going to create a bee garden along with a food forest with the help of Mr. Michael Becker, the Food And Conservation Science teacher at the school!  I’m so impressed by […]

  I had a great time talking with Mike this morning about planting for honeybees and our native bees.  Every plant I mentioned receives a wide array of solitary bee visitors as well, not just honeybees.  Bumbles, Sweat bees, Mining bees and Masons.  I talk about the value of Elderberries and Ninebark, both native and […]

Great news for bees! Check out the feature article with some of my ideas and photos, ‘Feeding the Bees’ in the June issue of Digger magazine by Kym Porkorny.  Learn what you can plant for bees and other pollinators in your garden this year!  

Special thanks to Patty Ingraham, Green Team Leader at Underwriters Laboratories for having me for the second year as a part of their Green Expo. We had a super engaged group of about 20 employees at the talk who are looking for ways to help bees at their homes and in their community. I look […]

Plants for Pollinators Pollinator Partnership Cascade Mixed Forest Planting Guide: https://pollinator.org/PDFs/Guides/CascadeMixedrx8FINAL.pdf Attracting Native Pollinators: Protecting North America’s Bees and Butterflies: http://www.xerces.org/announcing-the-publication-of-attracting-native-pollinators/ Pollinator ID Attracting Native Pollinators: Protecting North America’s Bees and Butterflies: http://www.xerces.org/announcing-the-publication-of-attracting-native-pollinators/ ‘Bee Smart’ Pollinator ID App: http://pollinator.org/beesmartapp.htm Neonicotinoids The Organic View Radio Show -June Stoyer and Thom Theobald interview international bee experts: http://www.theorganicview.com/category/bees/ […]

Melissa Elliott presents the Eugene City Council and Mayor Piercy with the Melissa Bee Good Award, For Making Life Sweeter for Bees.  The Council voted to ban the use of neonicotinoid pesticides on City property this spring, becoming the first municipality in the United States to do so.  Eugene has set the gold standard for […]

Hives and Equipment For group orders: Melissabees.com Local Retail Store: Grow Organic Portland: Ruhl Bee Supply Bees Nucs, Shakes, Kona Queens: John Kraus  kraus@gorge.net 509.493.3632 Ol Sol Apiary Nucs via Grow Organic Packages, Nucs, Queens (Italian & Carniolan): Ruhl Bee Supply Treatment-free hive nucs, with or without raised queens: Melissabees.com Swarms and Swarm Capture Melissabees.com […]

Rep. Reardon (D-OR) accepts the Melissa Bee Good Award for ‘Making Life Sweeter for Bees’ by proposing legislation, HB 4139, to restrict non-licensed use of neonicotinoid pesticides in Portland. The bill was amended and passed the Senate 27-2 yesterday and will create a work group to find solutions for pollinator health.  Melissa gave a talk […]

Hi everybody my name is Daniel Felipe, I’m from Colombia and i am a farmer , I produce tomatoes and different kind of vegetables, but my principal concern is to transfer knowledge to the future of our planet: children. I work in a school of my town, and I have the opportunity of being near […]

Consultation, Design/Build and Maintenance. Serving the Portland/Vancouver Metro area and Columbia River Gorge  503-313-0378  Email here.

Visit www.gorgegrown.com for a list of speakers, events and location!

Melissa Elliott of Melissa Bees presents ‘Hive Medicine: How the Bees Keep Us and How We Can Better Keep Them’.  Honeybees are tiny agents of civilization, whose work underlies human agriculture and medicine.  Our very existence on the planet is tied to the presence of honeybees and we have a sacred responsibility to keep them […]

One of my earliest memories is of my mother talking with Helen, our next door neighbor, over the chain link fence that ran between our houses. They were quite fond of one another and enjoyed a quasi mother-daughter relationship; Helen was usually coiffed in a near-beehive of white hair and flowered dress and my mom […]

Melissa Bees designed Hachi Hive Based on Traditional Japanese Hive  

A walk down memory lane with my dear bee sisters.  Heidi Hermann was a welcoming guide to her lovely gardens and hives.  

This film warms my heart.