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  Poland is the size of New Mexico and contains 900,000 hives, according to Jacob Gabka, a queen breeder from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences.  We met at Sue Cobey’s queen-rearing class last summer when he was doing research alongside the creator of the New World Carniolan Queen.  He informed me there are only […]

Composting wasn’t on the radar screen in Portland when I started gardening there in the mid-90’s.  A few of my clients had those small black plastic compost bins which weren’t much use to a gardener who generated yards of cuttings each visit.  Unlike Eugene (where I gardened previously) where having at least one compost pile […]

In Ross Conrad’s book Natural Beekeeping, there’s a great chapter on hive diseases and also a helpful section on how to autopsy a hive.  To get a definitive answer on what is ailing your bees (while they’re still alive) here in the Northwest, you can send a sample of your ailing bees to the Oregon State […]

Took a camera to work this summer and captured the honeybees and native bees doing their thing in my gardens.  This video is dedicated to Sisters everywhere going about their sweet work, giving us life.

‘What type of hive should I buy?’ asks the beginning beekeeper riddled with indecision, wanting to do the right thing for the bees.  ‘I want to keep bees as naturally as possible and not interfere with them too much.  I’ve heard the Langstroth hive doesn’t allow the bees to make their own comb and that a […]

OCT. 5 -7, 2012 AMERICAN APITHERAPY SOCIETY, INC. presents the 17th ANNUAL Charles Mraz Apitherapy Course and Conference GOVERNOR HOTEL, PORTLAND, OREGON Go to: www.apitherapy.org for details about the program, faculty, hotel and registration.  EARLY BEE REGISTRATION BEFORE 8/31! Acupuncture originated thousands of years ago from the use of apipuncture, or bee stings on the […]

Here’s a video of bees dying possibly from pesticide exposure.  They were an enormous 10.4 lb swarm equaling approximately 50,000 bees that I hived four days ago. At this point several hundred bees are dead in front of the hive with their tongues sticking out- and since their wings aren’t detached and in a ‘K’ […]

A Miracle Healing Balm For Joints and Muscles I hate to say it, but after twenty-plus years building gardens- my body is feeling it! You could say its closer to thirty years of physical labor- as when I was a teenager I played competitive tennis- serving, returning and chasing down balls on the court. Tennis, […]

Put a dab of Glen Heaven Brazilian Green Propolis  on your toothbrush along with your regular toothpaste and become a model patient for your hygienist!  That’s what happened on a recent visit to the dentist when my hygienist commented on how little plaque there was on my teeth and how great my gums look, despite […]

Save the Bees, Part 1- ‘The Quest’ Aiden Wood and Saylor Sundby of Hood River, Oregon, affectionately known as The Bee Men are on a mission to become honeybee stewards.  They attended my beginning beekeeping class this spring and explained that they were on quest to visit honeybee experts across Oregon and Washington to learn […]

Call Melissa Bees if you know of a swarm that needs a home!  Melissa@ 503-313-0378 or Tim@425-503-7666  

Jeff and Ketrina Jerome recently opened Grow Organics in Hood River, Oregon.  It’s a darling store full of DIY kits and equipment to outfit local residents with everything they’ll need to get started with organic growing and not to mention beekeeping!  Jeff asked if I would teach beekeeping classes and already we’ve spawned a new generation of […]

It’s 47 degrees out and there’s snow on the ground here in White Salmon, Washington and while the Italian and Carniolan bees are still clustered staying warm waiting for the 50 degree mark to come out and do their stuff, our survivor stock bees from Dan and Judy Harvey’s Olympic Wilderness Apiary are already hard […]

Hives and Equipment Melissabees.com Bees Nucs, Shakes, Kona Queens: John Kraus  kraus@gorge.net 509.493.3632 Packages, Nucs, Queens (Italian & Carniolan): Ruhl Bee Supply Chemical-free hive nucs, with or without raised queens: Melissabees.com Swarms and Swarm Capture Melissabees.com Bee Groups White Salmon Bee Club: : wsbeeclub@googlegroups.com  A Few Fun Videos for Your Enjoyment! Hiving Package Bees for […]

My honey-gatherer tells me you are at it again, attempting to control women and their fertility and I feel compelled to write to point out the error of your ways and advise a change of course. As the mother of the thousands upon thousands of children in my colony I’m no reckless, childless, free-roaming femeNazi […]

Beginning Beekeeping Class Part II Want to get started beekeeping? Interested in chemical-free bees and  beekeeping? Have you studied bees and beekeeping on your own and would like a class to fill the gaps in your understanding? Join Melissa Elliott of Melissa Bees, a local landscape designer, beekeeper and apitherapist for an informative look at […]

Chemical Free Hive Honey Beezlebalm Lip Balm Rose Swarm Calendula Salve 100% Pure Beeswax Candles SHOP HERE

Melissa Bees’ Chemical-Free Hive Honey: No miticides, fungicides, no treatment- nada! Just honey, as pure and raw as the bees who made it, imbued with pollen and propolis from the combs. Straight from the hills of White Salmon, WA in the magnificent Columbia River Gorge. 4 oz. Hex Jar $6.00 + shipping and handling 6 […]

Frederique Keller, L.A.c. DOM and president of the American Apitherapy Society, demonstrates apipuncture on Bladder 23 at the Charles Mraz Apitherapy Course held in New Orleans this year.  The course is a wonderful opportunity to connect with healers and doctors utilizing products of the hive in their practices. The 2012 course will be held in […]

Congratulations to Mar Vista on legalizing beekeeping! Chelsea McFarland, from the nonprofit HoneyLove.org  paid a surprise visit in September to tell me of beekeeper struggles in Los Angeles, as well as her dreams and visions for the area. Unbelievably, beekeeping is illegal in Los Angeles and HoneyLove is doing great work to change that.  Chelsea […]

In this clip Dr. Alan Dennison MD walks us through a Menuka Honey Preparation for a severe burn wound.  The subject’s shin was burned by a scooter exhaust pipe in Aug. 2011, which she treated for three months using only honey from her hives and acupuncture.  The preparation shown is using irradiated Menuka honey and […]

The Condit Dam in White Salmon, WA was breached today, near our home.  One blocked artery opened so the earth blood can flow, allowing us all the chance to breath freely again.  May the mighty Salmon thrive in these waters! She Flows: The White Salmon River Runs Free