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Clean Teeth with Propolis

Put a dab of Glen Heaven Brazilian Green Propolis  on your toothbrush along with your regular toothpaste and become a model patient for your hygienist!  That’s what happened on a recent visit to the dentist when my hygienist commented on how little plaque there was on my teeth and how great my gums look, despite having braces.

I got braces nine months ago and was a stress case for awhile trying to keep the’ little train trestles’ as I call them, clean.  (At almost forty, I’m convinced that braces are better suited for the reticence and insouciance of youth).  Still, I’m stuck with them- and since I like to smile without the worry of grossing someone out with the crud in my teeth I wised up and started brushing with Crest and a little propolis.  I’ve used it for seven months now, brushing as little as 2x per day.  In recent months I haven’t been as diligent with flossing and despite the apparent neglect my teeth seem to be doing well.

Propolis is made up of the sticky resins of plant and tree buds that the bees gather and combine with wax and saliva to plaster the inside of the hive to create a hygienic living environment.  Propolis has antibacterial, anti-fungal and antimicrobial qualities that help keep the the hive and the bees disease-free.  The bees use propolis medicinally to protect and bolster their immunity.  For humans, propolis has broad spectrum protective and generative qualities.

According to a 2006 Brazilian study of the use of propolis gel to treat chronic periodontitis, propolis  was shown to exhibit in vitro antimicrobial activity against periodontal pathogens.

Clean Teeth with Propolis Photo by Shawn Sundby

Glen Heaven Brazilian Green Propolis in a 100% aqueous solution can be used as an antibiotic  mouthwash or with toothpaste.  Your mouth and teeth will look and feel like they just had a cleaning. Ask any dentist and they’ll say dental care takes a back seat for the average Joe until there’s a big problem and its too late!  Given the sad state of our economy and the cost of dental and health care on the rise, propolis may offer some folks reprieve, thanks to the bees!


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