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Columbia Gorge Beekeeping Resource List 2014

Hives and Equipment

For group orders: Melissabees.com

Local Retail Store: Grow Organic

Portland: Ruhl Bee Supply


Nucs, Shakes, Kona Queens: John Kraus  kraus@gorge.net 509.493.3632

Ol Sol Apiary Nucs via Grow Organic

Packages, Nucs, Queens (Italian & Carniolan): Ruhl Bee Supply

Treatment-free hive nucs, with or without raised queens: Melissabees.com

Swarms and Swarm Capture


Bee Groups

White Salmon Bee Club: : wsbeeclub@googlegroups.com

Hood River Bee Club: Contact Grow Organic

A Few Fun Videos & Pages for Your Enjoyment!

Hiving Package Bees for Langstroth:

Zen and the Art of Package Bees


Package Hiving for Top Bar (Family Style):

‘Thwomp!’ Top Bar Hiving Technique:

‘Skirt’ Top Bar Hiving Technique:

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