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Free Bee Apitherapy- Acupuncture Point Gall Bladder 13

 Acupuncture with Bees, Naturally

Session #2 Gall Bladder 13

Swollen forehead from Gall Bladder 13 receiving a sting.

Nnnnnnnnneeah, bzzzzzzzz bzzzzz, nnnnnnnnnnneeah the guard bee buzzed in my hair near my left temple.

I see you aren’t feeling well, Sister she said.

Yeah, I’ve had a cold that started five or six days ago with a sore throat and fever.  Now it’s migrated to my chest and I have a cough and sticky phlegm. It doesn’t want to go away.  I’m having trouble resting, since it’s Spring and like you, I have so much to do in my gardens.  I feel compelled to work, but I can’t really because I feel exhausted.  I’m caught in between.

Nnnnnnnnneeaahh, nnnnnneeeaaah she tangles with my hair a moment more, then zaps me on the forehead on the hairline. Ouch!

Gall Bladder 13, that should do the trick!  Expels wind (i.e. colds), removes phlegm and should help calm your mind so you can rest.

Thank you, Sister guard bee!  Our appointment yesterday has me feeling better today.  Less cough, snot and I feel like I can rest.


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