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We Need Bees- White Salmon, WA Library- April 1st

Photo by Joy Markgraf

On the evening of April 1, beginning at 6:30 pm, at the White Salmon library, a variety of speakers will give 20-minute presentations about Honey bees and other native pollinators.It will begin with an introductory slide show given by Melissa Elliott of Melissa Bees, landscape designer, contractor and beekeeper.

Topics covered will be the ‘Importance of Pollinators’ by Todd Murray entomologist from WSU Extension, Skamania County WA; ‘Honey bees and Mason Bees’ by John Kraus, Underwood WA commercial beekeeper managing 700 colonies; and Jeanette Burkhardt, a local gardener and beekeeping enthusiast, who will share her experiences about ‘Plants For Pollinators’. Joy Markgraf, Husum,WA will give a demonstration on making grass skeps.

Skeps are domed, coiled baskets that were used to house bees as early as the 16th century up until World War II when they were abandoned in favor of woodenware. A selection of Joy’s artistic and functional beehives will be on display at the library during the month of April.

Photo by Joy Markgraf

The library will have on hand a selection of books on honeybees and native pollinators to satisfy your interest on the subject, the Xerces Society of Portland, OR will provide handouts about attracting native pollinators and a list of plants that are beneficial to them; Ruhl Bee Supply is providing sample Mason bee houses and copies of their catalog. For those interested in starting a local beekeeping club Martha Kraus will gather names and information to get this project underway. David Ryan will inform people about the Master Gardener Program and have sign-up forms available.




Photo by Joy Markgraf

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