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Free Bee Apitherapy- Large Intestine 2 (Er Jian)

Acupuncture with Bees, Naturally

Session #3: Large Intestine 2

Large Intestine Meridian

The Bee: Jeez Melissa, you’re giving us plenty of work these days!  First your heart, then a cold, and now you say your upper jaw hurts? Seriously, the bees’ work is never done!

Me: Yep, I had to have three baby teeth pulled a few weeks ago. Can you believe I kept them all those years? My jaw is healing nicely, except for the upper one where the dentist really had to pry.  My upper gum is hurting and swollen after a few weeks and feels like it might be infected.

The Bee: Hmmmmmm, maybe you should get it checked out for infection.  Until then I’m going to point you in the right direction.  Zap!

Me: Ouch!  Why did ya sting my index finger??

The Bee: Google it my dear, Google it!  I have to die now and hope that giving my life isn’t for naught.  Get better soon!

Indeed, I followed the bee’s instruction and Googled acupuncture points of the hand and found that LI-2 is for treating upper jaw and toothache pain.  As a matter of fact, the meridian ran right past my painful jaw.  I felt immediate relief the next day and two days later I was cured.

Thank you for healing and teaching me, dear bees. It’s so much healthier than antibiotics and a lot less expensive than acupuncture school!




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