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Api means ‘Bee’- Therapy means ‘Healing Power’ Connect with the healing power of the bees through Melissa Bees’ introductory Apitherapy class. Learn how these tiny apothecaries collect their wares from the land and transform them into medicines that feed, sustain, nurture and protect their colony and hive. Discover the miraculous properties of honey, beeswax, pollen, […]

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Frederique Keller, L.A.c. DOM and president of the American Apitherapy Society, demonstrates apipuncture on Bladder 23 at the Charles Mraz Apitherapy Course held in New Orleans this year.  The course is a wonderful opportunity to connect with healers and doctors utilizing products of the hive in their practices. The 2012 course will be held in […]

Acupuncture with Bees, Naturally Session #3: Large Intestine 2 The Bee: Jeez Melissa, you’re giving us plenty of work these days!  First your heart, then a cold, and now you say your upper jaw hurts? Seriously, the bees’ work is never done! Me: Yep, I had to have three baby teeth pulled a few weeks […]