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Vanishing of the Bees/ Molly Bee Good Project

Two Honeybee, Health and Healing Events in Hood River

Molly in Tucson

Molly in Tucson

Vanishing of the Bees Documentary Screening and the Molly Bee Good Project

Interested in Honeybees, Health and Healing?

Join us for two nights of bee health and your health at the Columbia Gorge Acupuncture Clinic in Hood River, May 21st and 24th!

Vanishing of the Bees Documentary Sat. May 21st, 7pm

The honeybees are in danger; they are literally disappearing from their hives.  This phenomena is called colony collapse disorder (CCD) and has struck commercial beekeepers, who pollinate 1/3 of our food crops.  Follow Dave Mendez and Dave Hackenburg, two commercial beekeepers devastated by CCD who travel across the country and Europe to discover why.  This film is both heart-rending and heart warming and will strike a cord with young and old.  vanishingbees.com

The Molly Bee Good Project  Tues. May 24th, 7pm

Motorcycle Molly Romero of the ‘Molly Bee Good Project’  mollybeegood.blogspot.com rolls into town on the last stop of her western states tour to give a presentation on the honeybees’ contribution to human health.  She’ll talk about the health benefits of venom, wax, honey, pollen, propolis and royal jelly.  If you’re an experienced beekeeper or don’t know anything about bees at all, this program is for you!  Molly is sponsored by the American Apitherapy Society, of which she is a board member. apitherapy.org

Vanishing of the Bees Documentary Screening Sat. May 21st, 7 pm

Molly Bee Good Presentation, Tues. May 24th, 7pm

Where: Columbia Gorge Acupuncture Clinic
208 4th St Hood River
Next to the British Pub

Suggested Donation: $6-10

Sponsored by Columbia Gorge Acupuncture Clinic and Melissabees


We Need Bees- White Salmon, WA Library- April 1st

Photo by Joy Markgraf

On the evening of April 1, beginning at 6:30 pm, at the White Salmon library, a variety of speakers will give 20-minute presentations about Honey bees and other native pollinators.It will begin with an introductory slide show given by Melissa Elliott of Melissa Bees, landscape designer, contractor and beekeeper.

Topics covered will be the ‘Importance of Pollinators’ by Todd Murray entomologist from WSU Extension, Skamania County WA; ‘Honey bees and Mason Bees’ by John Kraus, Underwood WA commercial beekeeper managing 700 colonies; and Jeanette Burkhardt, a local gardener and beekeeping enthusiast, who will share her experiences about ‘Plants For Pollinators’. Joy Markgraf, Husum,WA will give a demonstration on making grass skeps.

Skeps are domed, coiled baskets that were used to house bees as early as the 16th century up until World War II when they were abandoned in favor of woodenware. A selection of Joy’s artistic and functional beehives will be on display at the library during the month of April.

Photo by Joy Markgraf

The library will have on hand a selection of books on honeybees and native pollinators to satisfy your interest on the subject, the Xerces Society of Portland, OR will provide handouts about attracting native pollinators and a list of plants that are beneficial to them; Ruhl Bee Supply is providing sample Mason bee houses and copies of their catalog. For those interested in starting a local beekeeping club Martha Kraus will gather names and information to get this project underway. David Ryan will inform people about the Master Gardener Program and have sign-up forms available.




Photo by Joy Markgraf

Hive Trade Show & Skep Weaving Demonstration

BeeSpace at TaborSpace-Mar 15th 6-9pm Portland, OR

Hive Trade Show and Skep Weaving Demonstration Excited to purchase your first or second hive, gear and supplies? Curious about Top-bar, Warre and Langstroth hive types and want help deciding which to buy? Want to see how a skep is made? Come hear Portland’s best hive vendors speak about the attributes of their hives! Here’s your chance to handle the equipment, talk with the makers one-on-one in person and purchase hives, hive supplies and protective gear.

Top-bar and Warre Hive Vendors:

Matthew Reed of Bee Thinking, local and international supplier of reclaimed Western Red Cedar Top-bar and Warre hives.

Benjamin Clark of Benjamin’s Bee Boxes, locally handcrafted Kenyan style top-bar hives made from reclaimed Douglas Fir.

Langstroth Vendor:Melissa Elliott of Melissa Bees will provide quality Langstroth hives from local suppliers.



6-6:30pm: Melissa Elliott of Melissa Bees will give a 1/2- hr talk regarding what to expect in your first year of keeping. Subjects to be discussed include hive placement and protection, sourcing bees, hiving bees (putting them in the hive), handling the bees, swarming (bees’ natural increase) and related topics.

6:30- 7:15: Individual presentations by Top-bar, Warre and Langstroth hive vendors.

7:15-9:00: Talk one-on-one with Top-bar, Warre and Langstroth hive vendors, purchase hives and hive supplies, try on and buy protective gear.

Cost: $12-16

When: Mar. 15th, 6:00-9:00 pm

Where: TaborSpace, 5441 SE Belmont St. Portland, OR 97215 Phone: 503-238-3904

To Register: email Melissa Elliott: elliottmelissa@mac.com


Vanishing of the Bees

Melissa Bees presents the film, ‘Vanishing of the Bees’ which last weekend won Best Documentary at the Idyllwild Film Festival and is receiving worldwide recognition. It’s about the plight of the honeybee and the phenomenon known as CCD or Colony Collapse Disorder.  The film follows two commercial beekeeepers, David Hackenberg and Dave Mendes as they strive to keep their bees healthy and fulfill pollination contracts across the U.S. The film explores the struggles they face as the two friends plead their case on Capital Hill and travel across the Pacific Ocean in the quest to protect their honeybees.

Filming across the US, in Europe, Australia and Asia, this documentary examines the alarming disappearance of honeybees and the greater meaning it holds about the relationship between mankind and mother earth.  Honeybees pollinate over 60% of our food crops, and since no one wants to end up only eating gruel, this film is a must-see for everyone!

After the film there will be a sign-up for beginning beekeeping classes at TaborSpace, starting the following week.

What: Vanishing of the Bees (www.vanishingbees.com)

Where: TaborSpace 5441 SE Belmont St.
Portland, OR 97215
Phone: 503.238.3904

When: February 11th. Film @ 7, Doors open @6:30

Suggested Donation: $5

Sign up for beginning beekeeping classes after the show!

Hosted by: Melissa Elliott of Melissa Bees, the local go-to source for landscape design, contracting and consultation services for honeybee gardens.

Music by: Area54, Chill Electronic Music  www.area54.com

For more info go to: www.Melissabees.com,  elliottmelissa@mac.com or www.Taborspace.org and click on calendar of events.